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Negotiating Effective Visitation Agreements in New York

When you and your spouse get a divorce or when two unmarried parents share children, child custody and visitation will be important topics to discuss. Child custody refers to which parent the child or children will live with or how living arrangements will be split between the parents. Visitation refers to a non-custodial parent’s right to see and interact with their child. While the child may live with one parent, the court recognizes that having the other parent involved in their life can benefit all children.

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Understanding New York Visitation Rights

It is preferable if an agreement can be reached without having to ask a judge to render a decision because it can be difficult for a family judge to know all of the details of your situation and take into account your family’s unique needs.

However, if you cannot decide on an arrangement, the decision will be left wholly in the hands of the judge. This legally-binding order will take the child’s best interests into consideration, but it may be less flexible and customized than a visitation agreement may be.

A visitation agreement will generally include the following:

  • When the non-custodial parent gets to see the child
  • Who gets to have the child on evenings, holidays, and weekends
  • Who takes the children to school and who picks them up

Experienced Poughkeepsie Visitation Rights Attorneys

Our legal team is prepared to assist non-custodial parents who are seeking to modify a current visitation agreement or order. As your circumstances change, it is only natural that your visitation agreement might need to evolve as well. If you are interested in modifying a visitation agreement, we can help. We firmly believe that it is our duty to always act in the best interests of our clients and their children. That typically means ensuring that parents have appropriate access to their children.

To learn more about your visitation rights in New York, contact our firm today at (845) 203-2287 and meet with our Poughkeepsie child visitation lawyer.


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