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In addition to child custody, one of the most contentious issues in divorce and family law proceedings is the matter of child support. In New York, child support requires that non-custodial parents assume financial responsibility for their children. However, the courts have discretion when it comes to deciding how much child support is appropriate.

If you believe that you are entitled to receive child support, or if you think you may be required to provide such support, contact our Dutchess County child support lawyers at Klein & Sanchez.

How Is Child Support Calculated in NY?Providing Child Support

Non-custodial parents are required to provide financial support to their children to ensure that the children’s basic needs are met. This is true both in divorce cases and in cases where the parents were never married.

When a child lives mainly with one parent, that parent is entitled to receive payments for expenses connected with raising the child. The non-custodial parent may also pay for the child’s health insurance or provide assistance with daycare expenses.

Child Support Guidelines

Even with parents who have a 50/50 custodial arrangement, the courts may require one parent to pay child support to the other. The state has specific guidelines which they use to determine how much child support you or the other parent of your child will be required to pay.

The child support guidelines may consider the following factors:

  • The income and earning ability of each parent
  • The job and education level of each parent
  • The specific health care and educational needs of the child
  • The existing or proposed child custody agreement

How Can I Modify or Enforce My Child Support Order?

As Poughkeepsie child support lawyers, we have represented many parents and know circumstances can change over time after a divorce order or child support order is put in effect. These changes may affect the non-custodial parent’s ability to pay child support. This may include major life changes such as a job loss, significant illness, or a major relationship change.

You may also run into a situation where a parent fails to pay the child support that the court deems reasonable and proper. There is a program in place known as the Child Support Enforcement Program which provides options to parents like yourself if you are not receiving the amount of child support you are legally entitled to. For these matters, it is vital that you take a proactive approach and work with a Poughkeepsie child support lawyer to request a modification.

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