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Many different circumstances can lead to the need to petition for guardianship rights. If a member of your family has passed away or there is an instance of neglect that calls for you to step in, turn to our Poughkeepsie guardianship lawyers.

We have represented thousands of cases over the years, including helping clients like yourself obtain guardianship rights over minors whose parents cannot provide care for them. With More Than 80 years of collective experience in the field of family law, you can rely on the expertise and compassion of our legal team at Klein & Sanchez.

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    Guardianship Cases Involving Minors

    Complex and often tragic circumstances surround the need to fight for guardianship rights. Any competent adult may make a request for guardianship over a minor child over the age of 18. In most cases, the party making the request is a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or other near relation of the minor child. However, there are situations in which a close family friend may make a petition for guardianship.

    Regardless of who seeks guardianship rights, you must establish that there is a clear and compelling need for a guardian. In other words, the individual seeking to become a guardian must have substantial evidence showing that the child’s parents are unwilling or unable to provide care.

    When is Guardianship Required?

    The circumstances which may require guardianship include:

    1. When one or both parents are killed
    2. When one or both parents are medically incapacitated
    3. When one or both parents abandon the child
    4. When there are instances of abuse or neglect
    5. When there are instances of alcohol or drug abuse
    6. When there is a case involving criminal behavior

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    Having to decide to become a guardian to a young family member or child in need is challenging. Our Poughkeepsie guardianship attorneys understand the gravity of the responsibility you’re taking on. We take the time to thoroughly explain all the rights and responsibilities that come with being a guardian in New York and what type of guardianship applies to your situation.

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