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      "An attorney you can trust to get the best outcome possible even in a difficult situation."

      Steve Klein has been more than an attorney but a friend. I let him do all the worrying for me. His staff has always made me feel comfortable even when I was feeling anxious and nervous about upcoming cases. Steve Klein is an attorney you can trust to get the best outcome possible even in a difficult situation.

      Elena G. Ulster Park, NY
      "Steve's professionalism, experience, confidence, compassion, honesty and strength are beyond comparison, my gratitude and respect is endless."

      When my marriage of 16 years suddenly came to an end, and the custody of our seven year old daughter became highly contested, it wasn't simply a successful attorney I needed but someone to help me hold steady in the most emotionally difficult period of my life. Mr. Klein came highly recommended and the recommendation barely scratched the surface of the level service I've received, and continue to receive. No parent ever intends on fighting for custody of their child, so it goes without saying that I was seeking the best of the best to help with a matter of such importance, Prior to retaining Mr. Klein I spoke with other attorney friends of mine and was given very specific traits to seek out. I was told to be certain that the attorney I chose had a substantial history with the court that would be hearing my case. I was advised to seek an attorney that was confident enough to go to trial but persuasive enough to avoid one. I was warned against any attorney that tried to "sugar coat" the challenges that were ahead of me and rather to seek someone who didn't avoid, sometimes, difficult honestly. What I didn't know or wasn't told, was that I also needed to look for someone who had personal knowledge and understanding of the difficulties that were before me - and also had the strength to push me past the emotions so I could do my part in ensuring the best possible outcome for our daughter. Beyond any measure, I was confident after our first meeting that Steve, not only, would meet my expectations but would easily exceed them. Steve's professionalism, experience, confidence, compassion, honesty and strength are beyond comparison. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone facing similar challenges without any hesitation. My gratitude is profound and my respect for Mr. Klein is endless.

      Jason F. West Hurley, NY
      "A gifted attorney and a wonderful human being."

      Steve Klein is a gifted attorney and a wonderful human being. His defense turned my life around and restored my faith in the legal system. He believed in my case, and I will forever be grateful to him.

      "He listens to our needs and fights hard for us!"

      Steve Klein has been there for us for six years. He listens to our needs and fights hard for us, while being very fair with his fees. We are so grateful for all of his hard work on our behalf, and our children thank him too!

      Ernie and Cindy Highland, NY
      "Hands down the BEST attorney in this area!"

      Steve Klein is hands down the BEST attorney in this area! During the darkest part of my life- he was my shining light- offering the support, guidance,and attention I needed to get me through. He is hardworking, and soulfully dedicated to his craft. He is extremely knowledgeable, down right honest, and dependable. His presence in the courtroom was strong and unwavering. Don't waste your time with other attorneys....Steve Klein.....IS the BEST.

      Amy Highland, NY
      "Remained committed to my case from day one till the very end!"

      Steve Klein represented me in a custody case that lasted almost a year! He remained committed to my case from day one till the very end! Steve brought with him a wealth of experience, a voice of reason and was the reason I have sole custody of my son today! Steve provides you with realistic expectations, explains the process and keeps you informed every step of the way. Every year, I give thanks for Steve Klein as I sit around the thanksgiving table, seeing my son and the wonderful life he has today, due to Steve Klein.

      Lisa Steller Poughkeespie, NY
      "My life has turned around for he best in a short period of time with Steve's help. My attorney for life!"

      A friend referred me to Steve Klein, who was willing to meet with me after business hours. I am so glad he did. My life has turned around for he best in a short period of time with Steve's help. I found in him a rational voice, a rock, a confidant, and a knowledgeable attorney. Steve Klein will be my attorney for life and I highly recommend him!

      Julie Poughkeepsie, NY
      "Thanks to him, I have kept my kids safe and happy, my house, and my life…and am forever grateful."

      I have and will always recommend Steve Klein, Esq., to any friend in need of an attorney having anything to do with Family Law. In addition to taking your case with the seriousness it deserves, Steve’s experience, resourcefulness, and intelligence become your support. I couldn’t ask for better Counsel. He cleaned up a mess that my original attorney had created and did damage control. My case, as all cases having to do with Family Law, was highly emotional. Steve was sensitive to that and brought a human factor to the table. He was always extremely responsive and always took the time to thoroughly explain things until I was comfortable. Issues still arise in which Steve needs to bring the best interest of my kids to the attention of the court. His support of my dealings with an ex-spouse who can’t seem to bring himself to do the right thing without legal intervention has been invaluable. Thanks to him, I have kept my kids safe and happy, my house, and my life…and am forever grateful.

      Caryl Panzanaro Fishkill, NY
      "Not only was I impressed by his attention to every detail, but I was truly comforted by his compassion."

      Steve represented me in a complex and emotionally difficult child custody case. Not only was I impressed by his attention to every detail, but I was truly comforted by his compassion and his patience with my many questions. His exceptional guidance was a testament to his experience and his obvious concern with the best interest of my child

      Sheila Connelly, NY
      "Abundantly clear he had a vast understanding of the law, delivered everything he had promised!"

      After explaining our circumstances Steven clearly delineated our rights as Grandparents and the procedures he would recommend following. It was abundantly clear he had a vast understanding of the law, the procedures to follow and the probable results. He told us of his many past experiences in this area(17 to be exact) and the positive/negative results. Most importantly he understood our situation and displayed empathy. He didn't fill us with false hopes and empty promises. In the end he delivered everything he had promised. The results of this painful experience, were more than reasonable and we owe it all to choosing the right attorney, Mr. Steven Klein. We would highly recommend him to anyone else in our situation. Last week we saw our Granddaughter for the first time in eight months and we now look forward to many more memorable times. Thank you Steven Klein.

      Grandparents Visitation Marlboro, NY
      "Divorce with ease"

      I came to the firm looking for a divorce and received so much help. From the meeting Steven to the emails exchanged with the office, I was shocked with how efficient everything was. I just received the information last night that they received the judgment of divorce and I was so happy to hear that. Yes it can take a long time for the final result you want, but it was worth it all in the end. Thank you so much to Steven h. klein and staff for everything you did for me.

      MVandebogart Chester, NY
      "Thank God I found him. No nonsense yet very compassionate. Explained everything clearly and possible outcomes. He stuck by my family through the worst of times. The outcome was way better than I had anticipated. He made my holidays"

      Being in the legal field and knowing many attorneys, I chose to look at AVVO INITIALLY to search for another attorney who did not know me. Thank God I found him. He represented me for an early emancipation of my son followed by a Contempt Motion against me by my ex. I will never forget what he said to me on my 1st consultation, I will do everything I can for you within the law. For a year and a half, we were up against an attorney who was relentless and played dirty. Steve held his ground and even when I got crazy, said to me, let me do my job. And I did. He always remained calm and was compassionate knowing my specific situation. Glad I let him do his thing, as it resulted in my favor. Better than I expected. He knows the law and didn't need to be a bully or paper pushing attorney to win his case. Sometimes it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for. I would definitely recommend him. His staff was always very nice and professional as well. I will definitely refer you and your office. Thank you again.

      Lisa Fishkill, NY, NY

      Steve Klein was RECOMMENDED to me by a friend who was immensely impressed by his professionalism, care, and hard work. During my interaction with Mr Klein, over a course of about two years, he provided legal advice and guidance at the highest quality level during a very difficult time of my life. I found him to be exceptionally experienced, responsive, knowledgeable and honest. While working with Steve, I felt that I was brought from the darkness about the legal aspect of the problem, which by itself is intimidating, to a situation that I will have the law on my side. This was a situation that most people, including myself, consider to be the luxury of the rich and famous who can be best represented in their legal cases. Steve gave me the feeling that I was represented by the best legal advice that anyone could have and that my situation was in adept and trustworthy hands. Throughout my case, he explained the situation and strategy that he chose to represent me and he steered it to an amicable outcome. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone seeking legal representation as he is experienced, fair, honest and will keep your best interest and special needs no matter how complicated your case is at the forefront. Since his representation of my case six years ago, I have repeatedly gone to him for legal advice and every time I have come back informed, enlightened and elevated. I wholehEartedly recommend Steve to anyone who needs legal representation in his areas of expertise.

      "" a knowledgeable attorney who takes his time to do the best job possible for his clients ""

      steve klein has been an attorney for me and my family for a number of years. i have used his services in many ways . i could'nt ask for a more knowledgeable , well prepared attorney. i can honestly say we have never lost in court when using his services. the last time i used him i had been working with my elderly parents money manager for over a year. there was a matter of several hundred thousand dollar annuity that had inadvertently been misplaced. i worked with this money manager for over one year and could get no where with the insurance company. they were unresponsive and hard to deal with. . i called steve . it took one letter to the insurance company from mr klein : and the problem was solved. i have used his services when tenants refused to pay their rent, when my son was wrongfully terminated from a position at his job .steve stepped in and made the company correct the injustice that had occurred. over the years steve has become not only an amazing caring knowledgeable attorney but a friend who cares about seeing that justice is served.

      jay decesare Kingston, NY
      ""A true Professional whom you can trust""

      divorce is obviously one of the hardest things you can go through. when i first set foot in steve's office and began our consultation, i immediately felt relief, knowing i was in good hands. his experience and knowledge of the law became clear to me right away, and I knew I was taking control of situation that had become unmanageable. From that point forward, steve was a consummate professional and always had my best interests at heart. I have to say, he has an extraordinary attention to detail , which is so important in these situations. He doesn't miss anything. It was also clear that he knows the courts and the judges in the region, understands how they may rule, and has long standing, good working relationships with them. He saw my case through from beginning to end and helped me get an outcome that i thought was very fair for me. But throughout the whole process, as stressful as it can be, i always felt confident knowing that steve was in my corner and had my back. I would definitely recommend steve if you are looking for an attorney you can trust.

      Eric hurley, NY
      "I've never met a more knowledgeable attorney"

      I've never met a more knowledgeable attorney.

      I hate writing reviews; I mean, I REALLY HATE writing them. When you find a professional that stands out from the crowd, however, it's only appropriate to give praise as deserved. Steve has been extremely patient throughout my legal journey and continues to provide sound advise and creative solutions for a difficult situation. What's most impressive, however, is his ability to think quickly on his feet, using his wit, skills (the man is absurdly smart and could write a book based on his in-depth knowledge and experience), and appropriately-timed sarcasm to deliver the message in a compelling and easily-understandable way. If you're looking for someone who will sugar-coat things, Steve isn't your guy, though. We've had a lot of tough conversations and haven't always seen the case the same way. He's objective, taking the emotions out of the legal issues, yet still somehow seems to be more empathetic than most. Why do I mention this? If you want good representation, you can't work with someone who always tells you what you want to hear. Instead, you need someone in your camp who will help you through the emotions of the situation but more than that, keep you in the game; Steve is that person.

      "Highly recommend"

      Steven Klein came highly recommended to me by numerous people when I found myself in a child custody matter with my ex husband. I contacted him right away as my court appearance was in the very near future and he was accommodating and eager to take on my case. Obviously anything involving court and family matters is a very stressful and emotional time. But using Steve and knowing that I was going to be represented by such a confidant and determined attorney eased my stress and worry. He and his firm responded to every email/call or text promptly. I was very happy with the results and I am now using him again for a separate matter. I would highly recommend him to anyone. When you find yourself in any legal situation and you want the best representation, he’s the guy for the job.

      Amanda B.
      "Excellent service"

      Steven Klein is an excellent attorney. I came to him for a consultation regarding a divorce. He came highly recommended and I soon saw why. Mr Klein was extremely professional and knowledgeable all while making you feel like family. Any questions or concerns that I had he answered with ease. During my divorce he was extremely thorough and informed me of everything each step of the way. He had a great rapport with all of his staff as well as the staff st the court. I would highly recommend him for anyone in search of an honest, reliable, and trustworthy attorney.

      "I have had the absolute best experience with this law firm"

      I have had the absolute best experience with this law firm. Everyone from the staff to the representation were absolutely wonderful! A case that dragged on and felt like it would never end before I called Klein and Sanchez. With the help of this law firm it finally ended and I am so grateful to have been pointed to them for representation! Ms. Sanchez is professional, on point and handled my case beautifully and I cried with joy when the nightmare was finally over! Mr. Klein was accommodating, professional and so kind in every interaction. If you need something taken care of, look no further! Not all heroes wear capes! Thank you again to this incredible law firm for helping me with such a tough case!

      "Highly professional and caring"

      Highly professional and caring. Steve and his team helped guide me through an extremely difficult time. Would highly recommend them to anyone going through a divorce.

      Brody H.
      "Steven is an exceptional lawyer"

      Steven is an exceptional lawyer, I couldn’t have chosen a better lawyer, he and his team are the best, Steven helped me with my divorce from day one my divorce was complicated but he was always aware of everything I told him, he listens and advises you, and makes the best decisions, what I can say with all my heart, thank you for what you did for me and my children, I will be grateful for my entire life, without a doubt he is the best Thank you 🙏

      Kleli A.
      "I would highly recommend Klein & Sanchez"

      Steven Klein handled my divorce; he was very professional and always responded in a timely manner. I felt comfortable asking him and his wonderful staff multiple questions and always got a fast and reliable response. I would highly recommend Klein & Sanchez; they have given me my start to a new beginning.

      Bonnie B.
      "Thank you Steve!"

      Steve Klein handled my divorce along with a rather complicated and complex custody case and he fought with me to the very end. He was patient and professional. He always responded timely and I always felt comfortable asking him numerous questions and Steve was always fabulous!! Thanks to Steve my life is whole again! I’d recommend Steve to anybody looking for an attorney! Thank you Steve!

      Stevi-Lee M.
      "Steven is very direct and knows his stuff!"

      Steven is very direct and knows his stuff! He should be your first stop in any family legal matter.

      Kristi N.
      "We highly recommend this law firm!"

      We highly recommend this law firm! Steve Klein and his team were professional, detail-oriented, and personable. Exactly what we needed!

      Suzanne S.
      "I would definitely recommend Klein & Sanchez"

      I gave klein & Sanchez a 5 star rating due to their attention to detail and the timely manner in which we were assisted. Originally we needed a parents estate organized, most recently a trust was needed. Both of these matters were quickly and efficiently taken care of. I would definitely recommend klein & Sanchez and their great staff for all your legal needs. JOHN & SHELLEY

      John M.